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New Adoptees!

My daughter, Sarah, hubby Steve, and DGD Mia, adopted these cuties from Schoolhouse Rescue in Binghamton, NY. They were lucky to get these little girls. There was a waiting list and they weren’t there but one night! Thanks Diana and Rochelle!!!

I thought I would post some photos taken at my home before they are to leave. Sarah is still at work so we have a chance to play with them here……any longer they probably won’t be going anywhere! Well, maybe Dave would have had a say in that. I don’t know why he thinks 3 dogs are enough? Silly men!

There are still many innocent victims of Katrina still. Schoolhouse Rescue will be getting 20 or more of these dogs and puppies this weekend. If you are interested in adopting one or help defray some costs through a donation please contact Diana Oliver, Thanks!

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