First Hospital Visit

My poor grand daughter, Mia. She had a continual upset stomach all Sunday night into Monday morning that just seemed to get worse and worse.Mom took her to the hospital in the early morning. Mia had the whole 9 yards preformed on her.She even had an IV drip. She was really brave. The CAT scan showed that her appendix looked suspicious, but by the time the surgeon came to look at her 8 hours later he gave the go ahead she could go home. Yeah!Thank God she didn’t have to go through surgery. We are also thankful for new technology that she didn’t as well. I guess back in the day they would have done exploratory surgery. What a day. What six year old wants to spend 10 hours in the hospital. It makes you very grateful for what you have and the health you were given!Look at what a trooper she was! At the end, when she was told she could go home, she gave mom the “I Love You” sign!


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