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News before the New Year!

Well, this will probably be my last post before the New Year! Where did 2006 go? I am sure I am not the only one saying that, but boy did it fly by. We had a wonderful Christmas. All my children, except David, came to our church on Sunday which was really nice. We kept Nico overnight as a trade off. Susie picked up my dad at his assistant living home for me. It was a more than a fair trade :0) As a family we exchange names for Christmas. It is fun to see what everyone picks out for each other. Everyone got something that was perfect for them except for Emily!!! Rachel and Susie went to this store ~ Gadzooks. I had never heard of it before, but they came home with this T-Shirt and this mustard, cropped, denim jacket that was “bedazzled” with angel wings on the back. If you know Emily, it is NOT her!!! We just laughed and laughed at that jacket. Sarah picked out a motorized Tarantula for David…perfect fit. He terrorized Rachel with it who has a true phobia about spiders. There was lots of crying and screaming, but it was fun too. It is nice to get together for the holidays and to remember the true reason for the season….Jesus! May he come to live in your heart, if you haven’t invited him already, during this coming year!

Oh, we also had a winter wedding to attend on the 28th! Our neice Laura was married to her true love, Mike on Thursday. They saved their first kiss as a couple for the altar! It is truly amazing to see that dedication and commitment these days even between Christians. How exciting for them!!!

Well, we are back to having problems with Dad at his home. The poor guy keeps falling and now the DPW is involved. He is in a fabulous facility with people that really care about him. I understand that reports have to be made, but the state really needs to look at the big picture not just at statistics on a piece of paper. All I did was cry yesterday. Hopefully this can be worked out without him having to be a zombie on meds so he can’t walk around. My girlfriend said. “When things are working, change is a good thing.” We will see.

Well, I hope you all are looking forward to a fresh start in 2007! I make no new year’s resolutions, but am looking to change some habits! May 2007 bring you joy and changes for the better!


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Nico and Santa

OK, we normally don’t do the “santa thing”, but Susie brought over Nico’s photo and I had to share!

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Paper Ornament

Well, the stew has been in the crock pot and Nico has left so I tried to make a paper ornament. I think it needs some tweaking. Those on my art list will get directions….may tweak those as well.

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First Hospital Visit

My poor grand daughter, Mia. She had a continual upset stomach all Sunday night into Monday morning that just seemed to get worse and worse.Mom took her to the hospital in the early morning. Mia had the whole 9 yards preformed on her.She even had an IV drip. She was really brave. The CAT scan showed that her appendix looked suspicious, but by the time the surgeon came to look at her 8 hours later he gave the go ahead she could go home. Yeah!Thank God she didn’t have to go through surgery. We are also thankful for new technology that she didn’t as well. I guess back in the day they would have done exploratory surgery. What a day. What six year old wants to spend 10 hours in the hospital. It makes you very grateful for what you have and the health you were given!Look at what a trooper she was! At the end, when she was told she could go home, she gave mom the “I Love You” sign!

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1st Day Christmas Shopping

Well, today was the first day hubby and I went Christmas shopping. I guess I am not your typical female who enjoys the hunt. I have had enough already! Fortunately the weather was very nice. We are going to head out tomorrow and hopefully finish up everything. Maybe even get that elusive Crayola Cutter we can’t seem to find anywhere!!! How can a Crayola product not be available??? I just got off the phone with Target, they said to check back tomorrow.
We also just got home from training class. We decided to try Rally with our 2 Paps and our Australian Terrier. The younger Pap needs some more obedience training. She is so spoiled too….has a real attitude problem. We will just keep bringing her for the social aspect. She should catch on. Well, maybe I will post a photo of our tree tomorrow!

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Christmas Tree and Birthday Surprises

Yesterday Dave called to see if he should pick up a tree (Dave, being my husband). Normally we all go on the hunt together for the perfect tree, but the weather here has been so bitter none of the girls cared. While we were waiting, our friends stopped by to see if Abigail could spend the night with her daughter and bring her to church the next day and we would just take her home from there. Of course Abby wanted to go! Then my 2 other daughters, Emily and Rachel (that are still at home), went to their girlfriend’s house before Dad and brother Dave got home with the tree. The guys called and said be prepared for a big one! Well, last year we literally had to climb over our couches to sit down because the tree was massive and I did NOT want to do that again. Fortunately they were kidding me and cut down a normal size tree with a normal size girth!!! They did jazz me as long as they could though. David, my son, fixed the tree stand. He is so handy, he can do anything he puts his mind to! Well, the tree is up and the girls were gone. So I thought it would be nice to go out to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner seeing my boss had given me a gift certificate for my birthday. Thanks Beth! So while I was looking for it through the piles (this is how things get cleaned!) I came across an envelope from Close To My Heart! I opened it and it was a beautiful fall card from Jeanette and the Close To My Heart family for my birthday! Now my birthday was November 14th so it really had come and gone already so gettting this card was a surprise I didn’t expect. Seeing everyone had the flu on my birthday, it just felt like my special day! Dinner with Dave (we haven’t gone out to dinner together in years… least 3 that I can count!) and a beautiful birthday card as well!!! It was a nice way to end the day. Enjoy the card. I love fall colors!!!! Well, technically it is still fall here even though the ground is covered in snow!

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Hey, I love my CTMH products, but I am just trying digi scrapping and am having fun! I am not very good at it, but I will post a few layouts. For you digiscrappers out there….hope I don’t offend your creative side!!!! lol

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